Revgear Medicine Ball

Revgear Medicine Ball

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An old school full leather medicine ball designed to make your workouts count every time. Made with high quality leather, triple stitched and finished in gleaming black we guarantee this medicine ball is built to go the distance.

Please note the sizing is as follows

Small - 9lbs
Medium - 12lbs
Large - 15lbs
XL - 20lbs

* One of the toughest medicine balls in the industry
* Made with 100% leather and triple stitched for long lasting toughness
* This ball will retain its form and functionality through the toughest workouts
* Each sold separately

* Available in 9 lbs (10-11" diameter), 12 lbs (11-11.5" diameter), 15 lbs (12-12.5" diameter), and 20 lbs (19-20"diameter)


Revgear’s motto shown in our title of “Professional Gear for Professional Fighters” perfectly defines the ethos of a brand that has now been supporting serious martial arts practitioners, athletes, academies and coaches for twenty years with innovative product development, and a commitment to quality.


With four distinct ranges REVGEAR “Original, Combat, Youth and Professional” America’s top fight equipment brand brings everything you need and more.

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