It is imperative that whenever you enter a boxing ring you should be wearing all the necessary equipment, for instance, the right mouth guard, protector, shoes, gloves, protective cups, wraps etc. to ensure your complete safety. Talking particularly about the boxing gloves, they’re normally well-cushioned to make sure that you get good grip and absolute protection for your wrist, knuckle, palm and fingers, so as to prevent them from getting hurt during a boxing match. Everyone’s looking forward to the upcoming Joshua vs Parker encounter in the heavyweight category, scheduled for late March this year.

If you closely look at the equipment of these two fighters you’d see how they use nothing short of the top-rated boxing gloves in the world. To see who uses their boxing gloves best and to make some money on it, the best online portals are even offering attractive Joshua vs Parker betting tips for the same. Obviously, it’s about more than just the quality of the gloves and most betting tips would be more about how to decide which of the two fighter to place your hard-earned money on. Unlike some forms of gambling, betting on a boxing match is all about understanding the ins and outs of both the game and the competitor – along with a little bit of luck. And, who knows, maybe the quality of their boxing gloves will be that x-factor that makes all the difference.

Let’s now tell you about the different kinds of boxing gloves you can use. Bag gloves These gloves are essentially leather mittens meant to safeguard young boxers’ hands against bruises and scrapes, as they perform light bag work punches on their speed bags. Sparring gloves As is evident, these are meant for safeguarding both the boxers during their practice period. For instance, you can expect both Anthony Joshua and Carlos Takam to use such gloves during their sparring sessions. Fight gloves Meant to be used during the professional boxing fights, these are designed based on the type or category of boxing they’re meant for. Just like sparring gloves, the fight gloves are also meant to protect both the fighters from punches. However, there’s less amount of padding compared to the other glove styles.

There are some important precautions and tips you should keep in mind while wearing these types of gloves. First of all, it’s important to never wrap your hands too loosely or tightly while wearing these gloves. While tightly worn fight gloves can reduce or stop blood circulation, going into a fight with a loosely fitting pair can lead to easy slip offs and hence unnecessary problems. Therefore, you must always opt for a pair that’s secure as well as comfortable. Secondly, you can increase the protection level of your fingers by wrapping some cloth around them.

It is important that you purchase boxing gloves only from renowned places and of reputed brands. While there are several reputed boxing gloves brands in the market, your final selection should be determined based on the fabric, that is, if the glove is created using vinyl or leather fabric. As expected, a leather-based glove would normally last longer compared to vinyl. However, please note, only the outer layer of the gloves has this vinyl or leather fabric, the inner layer is usually created using cotton or horsehair wadding. Lastly, you must also take the weight of the glove, size, quality control measures, technology, material and colour into account.