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Revgear’s motto shown in our title of “Professional Gear for Professional Fighters” perfectly defines the ethos of a brand that has now been supporting serious martial arts practitioners, athletes, academies and coaches for twenty years with innovative product development, a commitment to quality second to none and an impressive inventory that truly caters for the needs of modern martial arts academies in a way few others do. Revgear make professional martial arts gear with the student, coach and fighter in mind at all times.


"Revgear makes the equipment that coaches and fighters really need"

The Inventory Revgear produce is truly impressive with multiple types of boxing and MMA gloves, pads, kick shields, heavy bags, technical apparel and much much more.  If its found in a professional gym then they probably make it.

The commitment to quality, durability and functionality has made products such as the Original Boxing Glove, Curved Contoured Focus Mitts, 6ft heavy bag almost industry standards in the USA.  The recently expanded kids range specifically design for children as opposed to a smaller adult size has been received gratefully by many academies the world over and with extensive product lines in every department REVGEAR looks to continue its growth outside of the USA and brings its style and quality to Europe.

When you take the first step on to the mat, dojo, or into the gym or academy, you start your journey like millions before you.  For two and a half decades world renowned coaches, athletes and students everywhere have taken that step using Revgear.  

When Paul Reavlin started his fight company in 1996, he dreamed of building a brand that would be embraced by fighters across the world - unified by their love of the martial arts life. Twenty five years later he invites you to join the REVGEAR family.

We know that Martial Arts is more than training & fighting – It’s a way of life.

Crushing your personal best, earning your next rank belt, winning a belt or medal, watching the pounds drop off and muscle appear in its place, throwing the knockout punch, or seeing your opponent tap as you sink your choke, are all victories you will come to know. Every seasoned fighter knows that choosing the right gear is another step towards victory. 

Over the years, Revgear has partnered with many world class coaches, fighters and influential martial artists to invent and design products; Products that have been widely copied across the fight gear industry but rarely matched in their quality or functionality.

Revgear’s winning formula of superior design and cutting edge technology are the reasons why World Champions such as Henry Cejudo, Fabricio Werdum, and Juan Cerventes trained for their titles using Revgear equipment,  alongside thousands of top fighters across the world. 

LEGENDARY coaches like Rafael Cordeiro, Erik Paulson, Eddie Cha and Joey Rodriguez train fighters with names such as Wanderlei Silva, Rafael Dos Anjos, Renato Sobral, Cub Swanson, Korean Zombie, Benson Henderson, Andre Fili, Urijah Faber, Stipe Miocic and many more using Revgear Equipment.


Browse our full product line at Revgear.com, or call us to learn how you can get Revgear into your gym or academy. Check out our Revgear University youtube channel where you can see free videos from world famous trainers and don’t miss www.revgearsports.com our official media site, packed with original content, news, product previews, athlete interviews and tutorials including a full range of videos about MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga and the martial arts lifestyle.

Train with the right gear, push past your boundaries, and raise your hands in victory with REVGEAR!  The choice of top fighters and coaches since 1996



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