Focus Mitts

Focus Mitts, also known as pads, mitts, hook and jab pads, are fundamental training tools for the coach to build students boxing skill level for most combat sports such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Krav Maga. Coming in a variety of sizes, designs and shapes the focus mitt. Materials used are mainly full leather and modern synthetics. Different pads here come with different primary uses with a coach choosing his tool often specific to a skill area such as power, accuracy or speed. REVGEAR produce a large variety of Focus Mitts perfect for every occasion.
When top coaches and pad men such as the late, great Karl Tanswell (SBG), Eddie Cha (THE LAB), Rafael Cordeiro (KINGS) , Mark Dellagrotte(SITTYTONG), Joey Rodriguez (TAM) and many more all swear by Revgear mitts, you will know that when you pick up Revgear pads, you are picking up the best money can buy.