Muay Thai and Kickboxing Shin Guards

Revgear Shin Guards or sometimes referred to as shin pads have versions designed primarily for Muay Thai & Kickboxing (sometimes misspelled Muy Thai Shin Guards) as well as for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with specific lines designed for children.

All Revgear Shin protection is tested by the best athletes in the world before they are released giving you the confidence to use them knowing they’ve been refined to give you perfect protection no matter what the training or competitive situation.

The MMA Shin Guard and Muay Thai Shin guards are different in several respects but there are also style differences within the categories. MMA Shin protection is generally lighter weight and more flexible allowing for a greater range of movement in a variety of sparring and training situations. Muay Thai or Kick Boxing Shin Guards usually offer more protection and modern varieties such as the Thai Original Shin Guard also offer protection to the Knee.

Revgear also offer the Amateur Muay Thai style shin pad which is a “sock” style which is pulled over the foot and offers light protection to the shins and instep. This shin guard is also good for MMA beginners who require basic protection for light drills.