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Important -
Please ensure any emails relating to RETAIL changes to orders or returns go to WAREHOUSE@REVGEAREUROPE.CO.UK. 
Email's sent to other addresses may not be dealt with in a timely fashion as sales staff may not have access to the necessary information.

Wholesale customers should always contact their direct representative for changes or any customer service needs.

Office & Retail Returns Address
384B Jedburgh Court
Team Valley
NE11 0BQ

0191 435 3624

Warehouse (For Deliveries)
Unit 3B Bailey House,
Stargate Industrial Estate,
NE40 3DG

Returns & Order Changes -
Sales Support:
Business Development - Wholesale Orders -
Club & Trade Sales -

Club & Academy Assistance
Revgear Europe offers free help and advice on building your Academy/Martial Arts Business. If you feel a chat with one of our experienced staff could help you build your revenue then don't hesitate to get in touch!


When Contacting REVGEAR Europe please note:

Please read the information provided via the links before contacting us.
If you send unsolicited requests via our main email addresses we are unlikely to respond unless you have followed the guidelines set out via the link information provided.

If you contact us via telephone please state the reason for your call immediately. We do not entertain cold calling therefore should you wish to speak to a senior member of staff please email us the details of the opportunity prior to calling.