How to get sponsored in MMA, Kickboxing and BJJ

How to get sponsored in MMA, Kickboxing and BJJ - Revgear Europe

How to get sponsored in MMA, Kickboxing and BJJ

Are you a passionate fighter who dreams of representing a top fight brand? Do you dream of being sponsored and gaining recognition in the world of MMA, Kickboxing, or BJJ? Well, you're in luck! In this blog post, we will unravel the secrets to getting sponsored by your favorite fight brands. Whether it's Revgear or any other renowned name in the industry, we've got you covered. So put on your gloves and get ready to learn how to score that coveted sponsorship deal!

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Have you ever wondered how to get sponsored by a fight brand

If you've ever found yourself daydreaming about being sponsored by a fight brand, you're not alone. Many fighters aspire to have their talents recognised and supported by the leading names in the industry. But how exactly can you make that dream become a reality?

One powerful tool at your disposal is social media. Fight brands are always on the lookout for talented athletes to promote their gear, so showcasing your skills online is crucial. Post videos of your training sessions or highlight reels from past fights to demonstrate your abilities.

Another effective strategy is to show your support for the brand by purchasing and wearing their gear. This not only helps build recognition but also displays your loyalty as a potential sponsored athlete.

Before approaching a fight brand directly, it's wise to start with smaller requests such as asking for a discount on their products. This shows that you are genuinely interested in their brand and may open up further opportunities for sponsorship down the line.

Remember, getting sponsored requires dedication and persistence. Keep working hard, consistently improve your skills, and remain active in promoting yourself through various channels. With determination and the right approach, you'll increase your chances of catching the eye of those sought-after fight brands!

Social media posts

Social media has become a powerful tool for athletes looking to get sponsored in the world of MMA, kickboxing, and BJJ. It provides an opportunity to showcase your skills, personality, and engagement with fans. But how can you effectively use social media to catch the attention of fight brands?

It's important to curate your social media profiles strategically. Create content that reflects your dedication and passion for the sport. Share highlights from your training sessions or fights, post motivational quotes or videos that inspire others.

Consistency is key when it comes to posting on social media. Make sure you regularly update your profiles with fresh content. Engage with other fighters and fight brands by commenting on their posts or sharing their content.

Utilize hashtags relevant to the industry such as #MMAsponsorship or #FighterSponsorship in your posts. This will increase visibility among potential sponsors who may be searching for athletes like you.

Don't forget about incorporating personal branding into your social media strategy as well. Showcase aspects of yourself outside of fighting that make you unique - whether it's hobbies, charitable work, or even humor.

Don't underestimate the power of networking on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter where professionals in the industry frequently gather. Connect with managers or representatives from fight brands directly by sending personalized messages expressing interest in sponsorship opportunities.

Remember, building a strong online presence takes time and effort but can greatly enhance your chances of getting noticed by fight brands seeking talented athletes to sponsor!

Buy some of the target brands gear first

One of the key ways to increase your chances of getting sponsored by a fight brand in MMA, Kickboxing or BJJ is to show your support for their brand. And what better way to do that than by purchasing some of their gear?

When you invest in the gear from the target brands you want to be sponsored by, it not only shows your dedication and love for the sport, but also demonstrates your loyalty towards their brand. By wearing their gear during training sessions or competitions, you become a walking advertisement for them.

Not only will buying and wearing their gear help create visibility for the brand, but it also sends a message that you are serious about representing them as an athlete. It shows potential sponsors that you're willing to invest in yourself and promote their products.

Additionally, purchasing and using their gear allows you to experience firsthand the quality and performance of their products. This knowledge can be valuable when discussing sponsorship opportunities with them because you can provide genuine feedback on why you believe in and endorse their products.

So before reaching out to potential sponsors, make sure to buy some of the target brands' gear first. Show your support, demonstrate your commitment, and let them see how passionate you are about being associated with them!

Ask for a discount first

Asking for a discount is a smart move when trying to get sponsored by a fight brand. It shows that you are serious about representing their brand and are willing to invest in their products. When reaching out to potential sponsors, don't be afraid to ask if they offer any discounts or promotional deals for fighters.

Start by researching the target brands and find out if they have any ongoing sales or promotions. This way, you can take advantage of these offers and purchase some of their gear at a discounted price. By doing so, you not only support the brand but also show them that you believe in their products.

When contacting the fight brand, express your interest in becoming one of their sponsored athletes and mention that you have already purchased some of their gear. Politely inquire if there are any additional discounts available for fighters like yourself.

Remember, it's important to approach this request with professionalism and respect. Emphasise how much you admire the brand and explain why you think being sponsored by them would be beneficial for both parties.

By asking for a discount first, not only do you demonstrate your commitment as an athlete but also showcase your financial responsibility. These qualities can make a strong impression on potential sponsors and increase your chances of securing sponsorship opportunities in MMA, kickboxing, or BJJ.