The All New Revgear Pinnacle Boxing Glove

The All New Revgear Pinnacle Boxing Glove - Revgear Europe

The Pinnacle boxing glove is Revgear’s entry level glove. The Pinnacle is aimed at the fitness and beginner market and whilst constructed out of PU it boasts many of the same features that more expensive gloves offer such as an excellent hand compartment, firm padding and a tight fit.

I used the glove for a photo shoot we were doing for the brand in 2016, I’d been using my preferred lace up gloves when I went training but for the shoot I needed to take gloves on and off so laces really were not an option. Usually I wouldn’t even look at a PU glove but to tell the truth I was wearing blue Revgear shorts and a grey tee shirt so the Blue/Silver option of the Pinnacle really worked for the shoot.

A few minutes in to hitting the bags I realised just how good the Pinnacle glove was.  The fit was excellent and protection value of the 12 ounce I was using as good as anything I’d used.  For the beginner this is a top quality option at a great price. 

We took the glove and redesigned the graphics. One thing we did add in was a ventilation strip along the palm.  PU gloves don’t have any natural ventilation so we felt this was important. 

We tweaked it but the glove is on the whole the same as the one distributed in the USA. The American’s may well start stocking the one we changed however they use the boxing glove for custom programs so they prefer the plain look.

Keep a close look out for the all new REVGEAR Pinnacle Boxing glove on and other retailers.