MMA Gloves

Mixed Martial Arts gloves come in two basic types; MMA Gloves for Sparring or MMA Gloves for Competition. REVGEAR MMA Gloves have become known worldwide as the best in the fight business. The Original Martial Arts Brand, Revgear are extensively used by top Mixed Martial Arts athletes such as Andre Fili, Josh Emmett, Alex Carceres, Jake Bostwick, Arnold Allen and James Mulherron to name but a few.
Competition MMA Gloves are a standard 4oz glove first introduced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship at UFC 13 after many fighters were injuring their hands fighting bare knuckle. The glove is designed to allow a full range of motion in both stand up and grappling however only offering minimal protection for both striker and opponent.
The larger MMA Sparring glove also refered to as “Puffies”, Amateur MMA gloves and MMA Training gloves range between 6 ounce and 8 ounce in weight usually depending on the hand size. There are a few version of this glove but the accepted version by most clubs and athletes is the Classic MMA Sparring glove. Revgear have been producing a high quality version of this glove for almost 15 years which is universally acclaimed as one of the best in the business.
It should be noted neither of these Mixed Martial Arts Gloves are ideal for bag or pad work. MMA Gloves are a specialized piece of kit specific to the sport. These gloves should be accompanied by either a quality bag mitt or boxing glove for training on bags and pads.