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The Revgear 6ft heavy Thai Kick Bag is one of the highest quality bags in the business and perfect for Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing or MMA.  Constructed with high quality Thai made Synthetic leather and triple stitched seams make this bag both an extremely durable and comfortable bag to use.

The Thai series bags are a little wider than the American Revgear bags and when fully filled are approximately 7.5 kg heavier.

Heavy filled to suit the needs of the most powerful boxers these bags are new to the REVGEAR range but add flair and Thai know how to our excellent range.

This bag is one of the Muay Thai Series of Heavy bags manufactured in Bangkok Thailand.

Filled weight is approximate 67.5 kg.

* Made with High Quality Synthetic Leather from Thailand

* 100% made in Thailand

* The strap to the D ring measures 15″

* Circumference of the bag is approximately 40 CM

We recommend that you also buy a set of swivels to reduce strain on the straps of your bag. Without them, there's a higher chance of damaging your bag. We stock Heavy Weight Swivels (rated for up to 50kg) and Commercial Weight Swivel (rated for up to 65kg).


Revgear's 6 Foot Muay Thai Heavy Bag: Unleash Your Power

Experience the ultimate training tool with Revgear's Black 6 Foot Muay Thai Heavy Bag. Designed to withstand repeated impact over years of training, this kickboxing heavy bag is a must-have for Muay Thai and kickboxing enthusiasts. Crafted with tested materials, it performs exceptionally well even in varying temperatures and when exposed to moisture.


Unmatched Durability and Performance

Built to last, our 6 foot Muay Thai Heavy Bag is meticulously designed to endure the toughest training sessions. With reinforced stitching and premium materials, it can handle the most powerful strikes, kicks, and knee strikes. This bag is your reliable training partner for many years to come, supporting your journey to greatness.


Moisture-Resistant and Temperature-Adaptive

The bag's tested material ensures exceptional performance, even when moisture comes into play. Whether you're sweating profusely or training in humid conditions, the surface maintains its integrity, allowing for consistent and effective training. Additionally, it adapts to varying temperatures, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the climate.


Filled or Unfilled 6 ft Heavy Bag Options for Convenience

To provide you with flexible options, we offer both filled and unfilled versions of our 6 Foot Muay Thai Heavy Bag. If you prefer the convenience of collecting from our store, you can choose the unfilled option.

Alternatively, we also offer delivery services for the filled bags, ensuring you receive the bag ready for action without any hassle.


Evenly Distributed Weight Balance

Unlike certain bag shapes, our bag is designed to provide evenly distributed weight balance. This feature allows for consistent and realistic training, simulating the experience of striking an opponent with precision.

With its well-balanced construction, you can fine-tune your technique and power for all-round improvement.


Stylish Options: Black or White

Express your personal style with our 6 Foot Muay Thai Heavy Bag, available in classic black or pristine white. Whether you prefer a sleek and professional look or a clean and modern aesthetic, we have the perfect color option to suit your taste.

Elevate your training space with a bag that not only performs but also complements your gym's ambiance.


Fast Shipping Available

We understand that timing is crucial, which is why we offer fast shipping options for our 6 Foot Muay Thai Heavy Bag.

No matter where you are in the UK, you can expect your order to arrive promptly, allowing you to start your training journey without delay. Experience convenience and reliability with our efficient shipping services.


The Preferred Choice for Muay Thai and Kickboxing Gyms

Revgear's 6 Foot Muay Thai Heavy Bag has earned its reputation as the preferred choice for Muay Thai and kickboxing gyms throughout the UK. With its exceptional durability, performance, and versatility, it has become a staple in professional training environments.

Join the ranks of elite athletes and trainers who trust our heavy bag for their rigorous training sessions. Also check out the Pinacle heavy bag & tear drop heavy knee bag.


Revgear's 6 Foot Muay Thai Heavy Bag is the ultimate training companion for Muay Thai and kickboxing enthusiasts in the UK. With its unmatched durability, moisture-resistant properties, and even weight distribution, this bag is designed to take your training to new heights.

Choose from black or white, and enjoy fast shipping options for unbeatable convenience. Join the ranks of top gyms and experience the power of Revgear's 6ft bag. 


Since the United Kingdom left the European Union all shipments outside of the UK may be subject to import duties and taxes. Revgear Europe limited cannot be responsible for payment of these fees nor can we guarantee delivery times in Europe as good held by international customs are beyond our control. 

Please be aware of this PRIOR to purchase or buy REVGEAR products from a European retailer.

We are unable to refund shipping costs due to delivery delays or customer refusal to pay import duties and taxes in their country. Costs to REVGEAR Europe Ltd incurred by such will be removed from any refund of cancelled items.

Revgear Products are tested and refined by the worlds best combat athletes and coaches such as Eddie Cha, Stipe Miocic, Henry Cejudo and Robson Gracie.


REVGEAR products are manufactured to the highest quality and are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months. Certain products are guaranteed longer. Terms, Conditions & exclusions apply. 




If you buy a REVGEAR Gi, you'll get a white belt (or belt of your grade) for free!

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