IMA LEEDS - Immortal Martial Arts - BJJ - MMA - Kickboxing & More!

IMA LEEDS - Immortal Martial Arts - BJJ - MMA - Kickboxing & More! - Revgear Europe

IMA (Immortal Martial Arts)  Leeds 

IMA Leeds is a brand new MMA facility built on the side of a massive fitness facility called ULTRAFLEX, which in itself is an impressive set up, but if you are looking for a cutting edge facility with cutting edge tuition in multiple martial arts including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, No Gi Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Kickboxing. 

Immortal Martial Arts (IMA) - The Facility itself

So where do we start? Well firstly the facility is immaculate.

The reception is beautifully presented, sparking clean bathrooms plus a seating area with a viewing gallery. A nice coffee machine, Smoothie maker and Pro shop. Every aspect of the gym has been thought through and stylishly designed. 

The main dojo is decked out with the best gear available including a massive main area with 2000 sq feet of white Dollamur mats, cage walls (more later), long bags rack at the far end boasting top drawer REVGEAR Thai bags, Wreaking ball and Teardrop bag.

Within the main matted area is long cage wall allowing one of IMA's speciality training courses which is the under taught cage wrestling, something absolutely essential for MMA. 

Upstairs there is a training cage with a viewing gallery looking out into Ultraflex a 20,000 square foot fitness facility so strength and conditioning is just a few feet away from the dojo.

IMA Instructors 

The website states "World Class Coaches and Coaching - World Champions, Polaris Champions and UFC level coaching for all levels"

Fact is this is a claim many gyms make but no so many deliver upon however IMA Leeds delivers on this promise 100% 

Head Coach Liam Cann is a BJJ Black belt and No Gi specialist. His Jiu Jitsu is undoubtedly world class and his involvement with UFC level MMA fighters plus a competition pedigree in some major events. 

Kickboxing instructor Mateusz Duczmal is a WBC Muay Thai World Champion alongside a bunch of other world titles. 

Read the rest for yourself on their site but there is no question of the quality of tuition on offer.



As you would expect from a full time MMA facility there are a wide variety of classes available in the main 'MMA' disciplines. Check out the time table below however it it wise to check IMA's site as the facility is so new they are adding new classes all the time at the moment of writing this article. 



Dollamur mats, a top drawer PROTEC cage and a variety of REVGEAR equipment including heavy bags, kick shields, throwing dummies as well as MMA gloves, Shin pads and the like for new starters. 

The Pro shop stocks REVGEAR equipment and BJJ Gi's as well as IMA branded rashguards, spats, Shorts and apparel. 



Immortal Martial Arts has already established itself as a North of England seminar centre with regular seminars from top names in both BJJ, MMA and Kickboxing visiting. Keep an eye out on their social media for more information.