Revgear martial arts equipment is some of the finest fight equipment produced in the world today. We define equipment here as the gear used in the gym or equipment that is held by others such as focus mitts or Thai kick pads. Fight equipment such as Thai pads, focus mitts, kick shields, heavy bags and any number of the other items you’ll find in dojo’s, gyms and warm up areas across the combat sports world are included in this category.
For over 20 years Revgear has prided itself not only on making the best quality fight equipment, but also on producing innovative fight equipment. As a brand Revgear are constantly looking to fill a need identified by either our product team or by one of the many top coaches we work with to produce solutions to training problems. Some great examples of Revgear product innovation in recent years would be products such as the Motion Master grappling dummy made in conjunction with legendary MMA coach Erik Paulson, the short curved Thai pads, a favourite of elite striking coach Eddie Cha and of course the excellent Thai Original range developed and tested in conjunction with some of the world’s top Muay Thai coaches such as Andy Thrasher, Mark Dellagrotte and Damien Trainor.