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The Revgear 4ft heavy Punch Bag is one of the highest quality bags in the business and perfect for Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing or MMA.  Constructed with high quality Thai made Synthetic leather and triple stitched seams make this bag both an extremely durable and comfortable bag to use.

The Thai series bags are wider than the American Revgear bags and when fully filled are approximately 5kg heavier than their American counterpart. 

Heavy filled to suit the needs of the most powerful boxers these bags are new to the REVGEAR range but add flair and Thai know how to our excellent range.

This bag is one of the Thai Series of Heavy bags manufactured in Bangkok Thailand.

This version has straps at the bottom to secure it to the gym floor.

Filled weight is between 25 - 30kg.

* Made with High Quality Synthetic Leather from Thailand

* 100% made in Thailand

* The strap to the D ring measures 15″

* Circumference of the bag is approximately 55 inches

We recommend that you also buy a set of swivels to reduce strain on the straps of your bag. Without them, there's a higher chance of damaging your bag. We stock Heavy Weight Swivels (rated for up to 50kg) and Commercial Weight Swivel (rated for up to 65kg).


Revgear’s motto shown in our title of “Professional Gear for Professional Fighters” perfectly defines the ethos of a brand that has now been supporting serious martial arts practitioners, athletes, academies and coaches for twenty years with innovative product development, and a commitment to quality.


With four distinct ranges REVGEAR “Original, Combat, Youth and Professional” America’s top fight equipment brand brings everything you need and more.

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